Curatorial and Project Assistant – UCR Arts, Riverside, CA

UCR ARTS seeks a Curatorial and Project Assistant for a 16-month, part-time (appx. 19 hours per week) limited position for the research and development of an exhibition and publication focused on the history of digital imaging titled “Digital Capture: Southern California and the Origin of the Pixel-Based Image World” [Getty PST 2024, Research Phase]. The project will trace the 1960’s invention of digital imaging in the Cold War research labs of Southern California, and, through the prism of art, examine the ideological shift that occurred as nascent digital photography disseminated into art practice, the creative industries, and popular culture.

Applicants will be required to submit a writing sample as part of the selection process.

The budgeted pay rate for this position is $23.25 per hour.

To submit an application, please visit:!Controller?action=jobs_webui.show_page&page=jobs_detail&requisition_id=22622023&profile_id=&module=jobs

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