Fabrication Shops Manager – Peabody Museum, Yale University, New Haven, CT

Bargaining Unit: None – Not included in the union (Yale Union Group)  

Time Type: Full time  

Duration Type: Regular  

Compensation Grade: Administration & Operations  

Wage Ranges: Click https://your.yale.edu/work-yale/careers/wage-ranges to see our Wage Ranges  

Work Location: Central Campus   Worksite Address: 170 Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT 06511  

Work Week: Standard (M-F equal number of hours per day)  

Searchable Job Family: Museum/Curatorial  

Total # of Hours to be Works: 37.5  

Position Focus:   Reporting jointly to the Assistant Director of Student Programs and Associate Director of Exhibitions, the Shops Manager’s primary responsibilities are instructing and guiding students in the use of the Yale Peabody Museum Construction Shop, coordinating appropriately with the Exhibitions Department staff, coordinating student use of Mount-Making and Exhibition Preparation Shop resources, and ensuring that safety procedures and supplies are in place, up-to-date and being followed in all Peabody Museum Shops. The Shops Manager teaches skills, techniques, design principles, and project management strategies relevant to a wide variety of museum fabrication work and advises students on academic projects as needed. They coordinate and supervise occasional staff use of Peabody Shops (outside of specific staff who are qualified to use Shops resources independently, such as Exhibitions Department fabrication staff).   The Shops Manager will support, supervise, and manage the workflow of students working on exhibition development in YPM galleries, external spaces, the Student Exhibition Gallery, and other student-programmed spaces. Students will also make use of Shop resources for course-based fabrication work, independent academic projects, student job tasks, and more.   Staff and students will work at all scales, from small-scale models and prototypes to full-scale exhibition components. They will participate in many different initiatives, including creation of exhibition installations and graphics, design and construction of specialist mounts and supports for objects, design and build of media installations, preparation of specimens and objects for exhibition, fabrication of components for mechanical engineering projects, elements for art installations, and more. Staff and students work in a wide variety of materials including wood and wood products, plastics and resins, glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, and biological materials. In addition to instruction, project management, and workflow management, the Shops Manager, in coordination with the Exhibitions Department’s Museum Technician, is responsible for managing budgets, maintaining and updating equipment, and ordering and inventorying supplies.   Safety is of paramount importance in the Peabody Shops. The Shops Manager develops, implements, and updates safety policies and procedures appropriate for the practices and equipment in all Peabody Shops, and keeps apprised of the latest safety regulations and best practices, both within Yale and more broadly. They ensure that all users of the Peabody Shops are properly informed of safety procedures and trained to adhere to safety practices, and they coordinate and oversee student and occasional staff use of all Shops in such a way as to ensure that safety precautions are closely followed.   At the Yale Peabody Museum we are working on Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion institutional priorities so that we can learn to better serve our communities, amplify marginalized voices and perspectives, and create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. The ideal candidate will be ready to share their experience with and interest in contributing to this work. Please address in your cover letter how Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion relate to your professional experience and goals.  

Essential Duties:   1. Instruct, advise, and manage the workflow of students who are interested in learning the technical elements of exhibition development, including materials and fabrication techniques, equipment use, and the process of turning 2d drawings and plans into 3d exhibit elements. 2. Coordinate and supervise student use of all Fabrication Shops. 3. In coordination with Exhibitions Department staff, oversee related Construction Shop activities, anticipate and manage related production workflow. 4.Support student use of Exhibit Prep and Mount-making Shops by working with Exhibitions staff to coordinate and manage workflows. 5. Maintain and ensure safety and establish safety procedures for Peabody Shops. 6. Ensure a clean and safe working environment is maintained at all times. 7. Hire, train, and oversee student Shop monitors and other student workers. 8. Collaborate with Student Programs staff on student-facing work, including but not limited to the Study Gallery, Student Exhibition displays, and other student and faculty-driven exhibitions projects. 9. Work with Exhibitions Department staff, including designers, digital media specialists, and interpretation staff, to support the museum’s program of exhibitions and maintenance of the galleries and other exhibition installations. 10. In coordination with Exhibitions Department, prepare and administer budgets, order and manage materials and supplies, and ensure maintenance and repair of equipment as needed. 11. Work with staff across the museum on fabrication projects as appropriate. 12. Collaborate with other student shop supervisors, educators, and colleagues across the University to maintain and innovate effective practices. 13. Achieve a high level of excellence in Shop instruction and output. 14. May perform other duties as assigned.  

Required Education and Experience:   Bachelor’s Degree and 2 years instructional/teaching experience. 2 years of technical experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.   Required Skill/Ability 1:   Demonstrated ability to instruct, guide, mentor, and support students in use of all Shop resources for their work across the museum and on course-based, independent, and other academic assignments/projects.   Required Skill/Ability 2:   Consistently uses a constructive, problem-solving approach to managing and supporting projects. Strong verbal, interpersonal, and written communication skills, particularly as they apply to teaching students and effectively communicating with staff, faculty, and other partners.   Required Skill/Ability 3:   Knowledge of materials and material fabricating equipment and techniques. Demonstrated ability and interest in tracking, learning, and applying new technologies and best practices in fabrication, instruction, and makerspace areas.   Required Skill/Ability 4:   Ability to solve problems, exercise discretion and independent judgment, and make decisions quickly. High degree of organizational skill and ability to handle multiple projects in various stages of development. Creatively solves problems.   Required Skill/Ability 5:   Excellent time management skills, and proven ability to work well under pressure, meet demanding deadlines, and demonstrate professionalism and flexibility in a busy multi-task environment.  

Preferred Education, Experience and Skills:   Previous experience teaching or supervising in a student-focused construction or fabrication shop. Excellent woodworking and metalworking skills. Experience with budgeting. Experience with museum/exhibition work. Experience with CAD.  

Drug Screen: No   Health Screening: No   Background Check Requirements:COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement:   Thank you for your interest in employment at Yale University. Please also note that the university has a https://covid19.yale.edu/covid-19-vaccination-policy for all students, staff & faculty which is described in the https://yalehealth.yale.edu/yale-covid-19-vaccine-program As you search our open positions, you will see that all postings list their on-site addresses which gives more detail on the on-campus work location of the role.  

Posting Disclaimer:   The intent of this job description is to provide a representative summary of the essential functions that will be required of the position and should not be construed as a declaration of specific duties and responsibilities of the particular position. Employees will be assigned specific job-related duties through their hiring departments.  

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