The Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania presents a touring exhibition Landscape / Soundscape that pairs landscape photography with soundscapes created in response to those images. The resulting installations explore the photograph’s capacity to visually convey a sense of sound – musical, natural elements, urban rhythms, or otherwise. The installations also offer opportunity for sound art to complement and alter one’s perception of a photographic landscape. Within the context of the exhibition, landscape is used in its broadest sense, from sweeping natural landscapes to cityscapes to abstractions. Likewise, the corresponding soundscapes are commissioned from a broad spectrum of sound artists and musicians, from those working with field recordings and electronics to noted instrumental performers.

Landscape / Soundscape was developed as a collaboration between Penn’s University Art Collection and Arthur Ross Gallery. The exhibition runs from January 14 – March 26, 2017 at the Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania. As part of the exhibition at Penn, related student works are presented on a digital touchscreen interface as Landscape / Soundscape: Student Projects.

Lucien Clergue, Elliot Erwitt, Ralph Gibson, Andrew Moore, Clarence John Laughlin, Erica Lennard, Eliot Porter, Karen Riedener, Jerry N. Uelsmann, Minor White

Sarah Angliss, Michael Barker, Olivia Block, Nadia Botello, La Cosa Preziosa, Marinna Guzy, Eugene Lew, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Chris Powell, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Tour Dates Available: May 1, 2017 – August 2018
Exhibition Fee: $5,500 for ten-weeks plus one-way shipping and insurance

Space Requirements: variable, but initially shown at 144 running feet (approx. 2000 sq. ft.)
Number of artists: 20 (10 photographers, 10 sound artists)
Number of artworks: 24 framed photographs, 10 sound listening stations

Installation: Installed at Arthur Ross Gallery as 10 photographs + 10 listening stations, supplemented with 14 additional photographs (examples from the same 10 photographer)
Included in traveling exhibition: audio players, battery packs, headphones, and wall-hanging enclosures

Didactics: Didactics provided in digital format: curatorial introduction, label text, graphic wall quotes on the subjects of photography and sound, and large-scale vinyl enlargements of select graphics

Technical Requirements: Technical components provided for set-up that requires batteries to be charged and re-installed twice (overnight or during closed hours) per week.

Security: High security, Facilities Report required for review. Light levels specified for black and white photographs at 10 foot candles and color photographs at 5 foot candles.

About the Curators:

The exhibition’s curator, Heather Gibson Moqtaderi, is Associate Curator and Collections Manager for the University of Pennsylvania Art Collection. She has independently curated exhibitions at the Delaware Art Museum, Stockton University Art Gallery, and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. Moqtaderi has co-curated three previous University Art Collection exhibitions at Penn’s Arthur Ross Gallery. In addition to her full-time role at Penn, Moqtaderi teaches History of Modern Design at Drexel University.

The exhibition’s Collaborative Curator of Sound, Eugene Lew, is Director of Sound & Music Technology and Lecturer in Electronic Music and Recording at the University of Pennsylvania. Lew curates the annual series “Musica Practica / Elettronica Viva” at Penn, in which he brings in internationally renowned musicians and sound artists for performances at venues throughout Penn’s campus and beyond.

For more information contact:

Lynn Marsden-Atlass
Director, Arthur Ross Gallery and University Curator or 215-898-6910

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