AAMG/UMAC Conference: Workshops and Excursions Galore!

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Thursday Excursions

Excursions: Thursday, June 21, 2018

We are delighted to offer four optional excursions for our conference participants this year! All excursions will be held on Thursday, June 21, and will start promptly at 10 am; you are strongly encouraged to arrive 10-15 minutes early and to take into account Miami’s notoriously heavy traffic. Cost is $15 per person and includes admission (some exclusions apply) and a guided tour. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the venues. You can register on the conference registration site.

VIZCAYA. Created as James Deering’s subtropical winter home in the 1910s, this stunning residence and gardens are today a National Historic Landmark and an accredited museum. Vizcaya is located at 3251 South Miami Ave. Miami FL. 33129. http://vizcaya.org/

FROST SCIENCE MUSEUM. Located in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park, Frost Science (1101 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132) is a world-class science museum dedicated to sharing the power of science, sparking wonder and investigation, and fueling innovation for the future. Please note: admission to the planetarium is not included. https://www.frostscience.org/. Please note that Frost Science is adjacent to the Pérez Art Museum Miami to which free admission has been arranged for all conference participants.

WYNWOOD WALLS. Meeting point will be released to participants in advance. Since its inception, the Wynwood Walls program has seen over 50 artists representing 16 countries and have covered over 80,000 square feet of walls. They have become must see international destination, with media coverage that has included the New York Times, BBC News, Vanity Fair and Forbes, who mentioned them along with Wynwood on their list of America’s hippest neighborhoods. The Walls were also a focus of the docu-series Here Comes the Neighborhood, which chronicled the creation and evolution of the Wynwood neighborhood. http://www.thewynwoodwalls.com/overview

THE INSTITUTE OF CONTEMPORARY ART, MIAMI. ICA Miami (61 NE 41st Street, Miami, FL 33137) is dedicated to promoting continuous experimentation in contemporary art, advancing new scholarship, and fostering the exchange of art and ideas throughout the Miami region and internationally. Through an energetic calendar of exhibitions and programs, and its collection, ICA Miami provides an important international platform for the work of local, emerging, and under-recognized artists, and advances the public appreciation and understanding of the most innovative art of our time. https://www.icamiami.org/


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Secrets to Reaccreditation Success for Academic Museums
With Julie Hart, Senior Director, Museum Standards & Excellence
8:30 am – 12:30 pm | $50

Over 16 percent of all accredited museums are academic museums. And in the next five years 13 percent of all reaccreditation reviews will be of academic museums.

Reaccreditation reviews of academic museums have some unique aspects in light of their organizational structure and other factors. And the reaccreditation process has changed (for the better) so it will be new to museum staff that have done the process before.

The workshop is based on over four decades of lessons learned from hundreds of institutions and thousands of reviews. It will help staff involved in their museum’s upcoming reaccreditation review learn effective approaches to preparing for and managing each step of the process in order to have the smoothest and most successful experience.

Through presentations and hands-on exercises the attendees will experience the following, with an emphasis on unique aspects for academic museums:

  • What to expect, and effective approaches, for each step in the process—from preparation though the self-study and site visit to the final decision
  • What’s different about the new reaccreditation process
  • Strategies for success to maximize benefits, minimize delays, and avoid setbacks due to common pitfall
  • Learn what accreditation standards are—in plain language—and how they apply to academic museums
  • Get advice from peers who have done it before, served on the Accreditation Commission, and been site visit reviewers

Current Legal and Ethical Issues for Museum Professionals
With Dr. Jill Deupi, Director and Chief Curator, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami; Barbara Chamberlain, Director Art Collection Management, AIG; and Diego Figueroa-Rodriguez, Of Counsel, DLA Piper
9 am – 12 p.m.; Capped at 20 people. | $50

This three-hour intensive workshop will cover the most pressing legal and ethical issues facing museum administrators today, including authentication, deaccessioning, appraisals/ valuations, provenance, restitution, copyright, insurance, and risk management/mitigation.

Let’s Go Digital! Photogrammetry and 3D Modeling
With Jessica Stepp, Administration Intern, Museum of Texas Tech University, and graduate student; and Dr. Stance Hurst, Field Manager, Lubbock Lake Landmark, and graduate faculty, Texas Tech University Heritage & Museum
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.; capped at 10 people | $75

3D digital technologies offer museums exciting visitor engagement opportunities, but new technologies can be costly and intimidating to implement. Join us to get a hands-on opportunity with photogrammetry, the science of converting overlapping digital images into 3D models. It is cost effective, easy to implement, and increasingly is being incorporated into museum settings. Participants will perform photogrammetry, practice 3D model manipulation, and discuss the incorporation of 3D modeling in museums.

Participants will be asked to bring a laptop and to take 360 photographs of an object before arriving at the conference. They will receive an instructional sheet from the workshop leaders to guide their object selection and photographing activity. Additionally, if a participant already is implementing photogrammetry but struggling with producing a successful model, they will be encouraged to bring those photographs to the workshop to receive trouble-shooting help.

At the workshop, participants will upload their images into a free, trial version of a photogrammetry software, Agisoft PhotoScan. The participants will be guided through the model creation process and a model diagnosis of what went wrong and what worked. The workshop instructors will provide the participants with a second set of photographs with which to practice. Then, participants will be challenged to compare the models in a second diagnosis activity. During a facilitated discussion, the group will discuss their successes, challenge, and collectively assemble photogrammetry methodology list.

Build Your Own Beacon-Enabled App
With Douglas Perkins, Operations Manager, Middlebury College Museum of Art
8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. | $100

It seems as though everyone has an app these days. Certainly the larger museums do, but for smaller museums app development can feel like a luxury for which it’s difficult to justify either the cost or the staff time, not to mention the logistics of maintaining apps for both Android and iOS. Indeed, for many small museums, a website is the main—and sometimes only—digital tool. But increasingly DIY app development is a viable option, and for museums searching for opportunities to offer exhibit-specific in-gallery content or location-based mobile engagement, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) offer many advantages, including wide platform flexibility, and they can be created at relatively little cost. This workshop will lead attendees through the process of producing and distributing a PWA, explore how to deploy beacons for proximity alerts, and look at issues and costs related to publishing an app on the App Store and Google Play.

NOTE: Participants who wish to generate their own app during the workshop will need to bring their own computer and content.

Douglas Perkins has 17 years of experience in the museum field, most recently as Operations Manager at the Middlebury College Museum of Art where he handles everything from budgeting, staffing, grants, donor relations, and public art administration to marketing, web development, social media, and content generation. He is the sole steward of the museum’s digital presence, and he manages all of the museum’s digital content in less than .2FTEs.

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