Design Transfigured

Design Transfigured explores an exciting fresh phenomenon in design, an extreme and inventive approach to recycling that we are calling Transfiguration because of the radical transformations designers are instigating.  The 29 designers/studios from around the world whose works are brought together in this exhibition take waste — from manufacturing and agriculture, from coal, sulfur and water systems  — and give these pollutants new forms that are handsome, useful and provocative. They harness material science, biology,chemistry and their own fertile minds to create their transfigurations which can be sorted into three categories: Furniture/Furnishings: vessels and furniture; The Closet: fashion and accessories; The Built Environment: building materials. (

Curators: c2 — curatorsquared

Space   : 3-4,000 square feet

Schedule:         Georgetown University Art Galleries        September – December, 2019

                        Washington, D.C.

                        AVAILABLE                                          January – April, 2020

                        AVAILABLE                                          May – August, 2020

                        AVAILABLE                                          Fall 2020

Contents: textiles, furniture, vessels, fashion items, video

Provided: exhibition signage including labels provided in digital form

Participation fee: $20,000 for twelve weeks (additional weeks pro-rated) plus transportation and insurance