2024 Conference Registration

The 2024 Annual Conference will be entirely online June 24-26, 2024, and registrants will receive access to all online content over the three day event as well as access to any/all recordings for the following six months.

Registration is salary based, so please register under the tier that best represents your salary range.

*Have 3 or more from your institution wanting to attend? Reach out to Alexandra at aacademicmg(at)gmail(dot)com for group rates. 10% off per registrant (Speakers keep their 20% discount.)

Do you need support from your supervisor to attend this year?

Download our template supervisor letter to advocate for your attendance at #AAMG2024!

Are you a student? Check out our student scholarship fund!

Student Scholarship Fund applications will be reviewed and support approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Consideration will be given to AAMG members that are students. These applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis and all approved applicants will receive a notification along with conference registration information once reviewed – this year we are able to offer 5 student scholarships for the 2024 Annual Conference taking place virtually.

*Student Scholarship Fund is currently closed as we have reached our first five applicants. Should more spots become available please check back here for details.
*Thank you for the continued support of the AAMG 2 Cents Club who have helped to make this year’s conference registration rates as low as possible.

New donation options this year:

Over the past several years, we have implemented a donation option to contribute to the Professional Assistance Fund to aid in colleague attendance at annual conferences. That fund was spent down in its entirety by 2022. You can contribute to building this fund back up this year through the registration form.

The other donation option this year is specifically for student registrations. Students are a prime membership category of AAMG and we seek to support them in as many ways as possible. As you may know, paying for conferences as a student can be a bit tricky. The AAMG 2 Cents Club (a group of past board members) has donated funds to cover 5 student registrations ($75 each) for this year’s online conference. You can join them in supporting future student conference fees by donating to this fund through the registration process.

*If you are registering with a company card and wish to make a personal donation to either of these funds, please reach out to Alexandra at aacademicmg(at)gmail(dot)com and she can share a separate link with you for such a contribution.

*Deadline for registration is June 14, 2024.

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