Meridian is a dynamic and transformative artwork consisting of interwoven geometric forms painted in a contemporary rendition of the primary triad, red, blue and yellow. Through the use of adhesive-backed vinyl and interior latex paints, my installations ignite complex optical relationships between space, form and color. Color becomes the concept of the work in a physical way, building three-dimensional space with two-dimensional materials. I have completed multiple installations of this nature based exclusively on the structures of their host buildings and galleries and Meridian will follow the same format. Once connected with a venue I will create Meridian exclusively for the space. The above imagery is an example of what can be expected from the finished work.

Our nation’s museums preserve our past and stand as vibrant cultural centers for their respective communities. Academic museums and galleries do even more! They are the training ground for the nation’s next generation of cultural leaders, the first engagement for many of our young with original objects, and campus centers for interdisciplinary discussion.

We believe that “Great Universities Have Great Museums.” AAMG leads a national effort to insure the best practices for academic museums, galleries and collections through its educational and advocacy efforts.