AAMG Conference Scholarships & Free Student Memberships

Thanks to a generous grant from the Kress Foundation, AAMG is pleased to provide a limited number of $450 student scholarships to attend the AAMG Annual Conference in Washington, DC. Interested undergraduate and graduate students should submit a letter of interest to Jill Hartz at president@aamg-us.org. The application letter should address: 1) why the applicant wishes to attend, 2) what specifically the applicant wishes to gain from the conference,  and 3) how attendance will further the applicant’s career and/or educational goals. Applications are due no later than April 6, 2016. In exchange, scholarship recipients agree to submit a 300 word editorial about any topic related to the conference by June 15, 2016.

Students: Don’t forget, you are eligible to receive a free student membership with AAMG. Apply today!