Admission Charge Resolution


In service to the

Members of AAMG and the Museum Profession

We, being all the directors and members of

The Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG)

Hereby consent to and adopt in writing the following resolution

Whereas AAMG believes that the museum profession owes its employees – everyone, from every museum, at every level of responsibility and wage, everywhere – free admission to all museums; and

Whereas Any complimentary museum admission for museum employees should also include one adult companion or guest, plus accompanied children; and

Whereas Complimentary museum admission for employees serves all museums through its commitment to professional development; and 

Whereas Complimentary museum admission constitutes an equitably distributed benefit to supplement the compensation all museum employees;  

Therefore, be it

Resolved, that no member institution of the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries shall charge admission to an AAMG member, including that member’s guest and accompanying children.

Adopted by unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG) on June 13, 2022, 


Ratified by unanimous consent of the AAMG membership at its annual meeting in Logan, Utah, on June 14, 2022