Call for AAMG Board Nomination: Mid-Atlantic Representative (extended)

Association of Academic Galleries and Museums

The AAMG has an exciting year ahead, and we are looking for a new Mid-Atlantic Regional Representative (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Washington, DC).  The new representative will assume his/her duties once appointed.

The position is a 3-year appointment, renewable once. Board member institutions must be members of the AAMG or become members at the time of appointment.

The duties of regional representatives include:

  • Representing his/her region as a voting member of the board of directors
  • Appointing or reconfirming service of a representative in each state in that region as a liaison who will promote activities that advance the AAMG mission
  • Learning what major challenges and needs exist in their region in order to build a stronger national AAMG organization with our network of state representatives
  • Attending the AAMG bi-annual board meetings and annual conference
  • Attending the AAM regional conference, developing and advocating for academic sessions, and a gathering of AAMG members and potential members
  • Increasing AAMG membership
  • Presenting a written and oral report on regional activities at AAMG’s fall and spring board meetings, and members’ business luncheon (typically held the Monday of AAM)

At present, the fall board meeting will be held in Nashville, with the spring board meeting and business luncheon held immediately prior to and during the AAMG conference in Eugene, Oregon.

Please submit nominations to Lynn Marsden-Atlass by August 23, 2016.

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