Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror looks at contemporary women artists who focus on issues of identity—as a woman, artist, mother, wife and/or daughter. The artists and works chosen use the narrative of female as subject in order to explore their experiences in a more universal way. Their art reflects how their own personal experiences as mother, daughter, wife, and friend can illuminate the basic human condition of everyone. Curated by Dr. Christine Fowler Shearer, the exhibition will bring together approximately 50 works borrowed from the artists themselves, private collectors and museums.

The artists chosen for this exhibition have been intentionally selected to provide a unique narrative about issues and experiences that are common to everyone, and women especially.  These issues and experiences range from juggling home life with work, caring for children and/or parents, or even finding a voice within a larger construct. The works being selected for the exhibit highlight various issues of identity, gender and race as experienced by female artists who are also living the traditional role of being a mother, daughter, wife or even friend.

Like most women in today’s society, these artists are frequently faced with the need to navigate their career and their personal life with a balance that is often hard to achieve. While this gender stereotyping is not new, this exhibition creates a platform to examine the many complex facets of women’s lives—as creator and caregiver, artist and companion, through a contemporary lens. Due to the recent events of the COVID-19 pandemic, financial downturn and political unrest, these long-embedded stereotypes are again brought to the forefront of our society. Once again, women’s roles are being altered and increased demands on their time and abilities are being tested.

A 160-page, full-color catalog will be published in conjunction with the exhibition and will be a major contribution to women’s studies. The catalog will discuss the role of women in the arts both historically and today as well the role of narrative in art to place the artists in this project within that tradition. It will be followed by essay(s) on the artists and will close with biographies on each of the artists, an extensive bibliography, contributor’s biographies, and an index.

Confirmed Artists in the Exhibition

Erin Holscher Almazan (b. 1977, lives Dayton, Ohio)

Alicia Brown (b. 1981, lives Kingston, Jamaica)

Jessica Calderwood (b. 1978, lives Yorktown, Indiana)

Tawny Chatmon (b. 1979, lives Baltimore, Maryland)

Kristen Cliffel (b. 1967, lives Cleveland, Ohio)

Rebecca Cross (b. 1962, lives Oberlin, Ohio)

Jessica Gardner (b. 1982, lives Annandale, Virginia)

Marcella Hackbardt (b. 1959, lives Mount Vernon, Ohio)

Gunyoung Kim (b. 1985, lives Quincy, Massachusetts)

Andrea Kowch (b. 1986, lives Detroit, Michigan)

Susanne Mitchell (b. 1973, lives Boulder, Colorado)

Harmonia Rosales (b. 1984, lives Los Angeles, California)

Margo Selski (b. 1963. lives Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Deng Shiqing (b. 1994, lives New York, New York)


Number of Works: Approximately 50 works of art, including paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, textiles, and mixed media

Organized by: Fowler Artistic LLC and Springfield Museum of Art, A Smithsonian Affiliate

Curator: Christine Fowler Shearer, Ph.D., Independent Curator

Requirements: Moderate security; 2500-3000 linear feet

Participation Fee: $10,000 per booking period

Shipping: Fowler Artistic makes all arrangements, exhibitors pay prorated shipping cost.

Booking Period: 16 weeks

Tour: June 2023-August 2024

Categories: Traveling Exhibitions