Reminder: What does The Real Thing mean to you?

What does The Real Thing mean to you?

Conversations about museums always seem to include something about “the real thing” but what exactly is meant by this term?  I have been asking museum visitors what they perceive as real in the museum for the past three years. Now I would like to see what museum professionals think. Here’s your chance to participate in a qualitative research study that aims to sort out the many perceptions of real in the museum context.

If you will be at AAMG Atlanta and you are willing to partake in a study on this topic, please email me at

Interviews will last approximately 40-50 minutes, will be recorded, confidential and anonymous.

This study is being conducted by K.F. Latham of Kent State University, School of Library and Information Science, Kent, Ohio. It has been fully approved by the IRB.

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