AAMG Logo Usage Guidelines

Active institutional members may use the AAMG logo files below for the following purposes:


  • Academic museum/gallery website
  • Document footers and email signatures
  • Press releases

Printed Materials

  • Postcards
  • Exhibition/event flyers
  • Banners

While it is acceptable to scale the logo for different applications, please do not distort the proportions of the logo, change/edit the colors or text, or pixilate the image. All digital instances of the logo should hyperlink directly to aamg-us.org and open a browser window in a new tab.

If you have any questions about the logo files and/or acceptable use, please contact aacademicmg[at]gmail[dot]com. Use of the AAMG logo file is subject to current institutional membership status.

Revised 11/13/2017