New Resources Summarize IMLS Support for Museums and Libraries in Each State

Washington, DC – The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) released reports with detailed views of IMLS funding for the past six years (FY 2011 through FY 2016) for every state across the nation and the District of Columbia. It is the first time the agency has compiled information across the agency’s museum and library programs by state in this manner. The documents will serve as a one-stop information source with data that are publicly available but are currently distributed across multiple datasets or databases.

The IMLS funding report for each state includes total dollars and counts of IMLS grants and awards, as well as amounts of grantee matches or state government maintenance of effort levels. It lists museums and libraries receiving IMLS awards and grants, and provides descriptions of the library Grants to States program projects. It also includes information about geographic distribution of grants across the state. With charts, tables, and maps, the reports help the reader to find valuable information easily and make state-by-state comparisons.

“These reports will help us and others illustrate the link between IMLS’s funding and the museum and library communities in each state,” said Benjamin Sweezy, IMLS deputy director of digital and information strategy.

The reports will be useful for researchers, members of the media, grantees, or anyone with an interest in IMLS investments. Questions or feedback should be directed to

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