The Museum Review and The Museum Scholar

Dear colleagues,

The AAMG conference in Miami reinforced the importance of continued research and collaboration within our field. I wanted to follow up regarding two free museum publications that promote open access to current research relevant to the museum field:

The Museum Review (, is geared toward museum professionals and academics.

The Museum Scholar (, provides an opportunity for current museum studies students, graduates, and emerging professionals to publish their work.

We believe that the most current research should be accessible to all–regardless of income, location, or size of institution. That is why both journals are completely free for all to contribute to and access.

We are currently accepting submissions to both journals!

Articles undergo a double-blind peer review and are submitted to Crossref, DOI, and the LOCKSS archiving system when published.  More information and current articles can be found on the TMR and TMS websites.

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss other ways these journals might be able to assist your institution, please let me know! Feel free to share this information with others that might be interested in our publications.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Caitlin Wunderlich
The Museum Scholar
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