Past Members of the Month

Past Members of the Month:

October, 2021

2021 October Member of the Month: David Odo, standing in a gallery space in the Harvard Art Museums at Harvard University where he is the Director of Academic and Public Programs, Division Head, and Research Curator
Photo Matthew Monteith
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September, 2021

2021 September Member of the Month: Phillip Brown, click the image of Phillip in in front of NEHMA above to view his full interview.

July, 2021

July member of the month, Tiffany Miller, examines an illuminated manuscript in a collections storage space.
2021 July Member of the Month: Tiffany Miller, click the image of TIffany in collections storage above to view her full interview.

June, 2021

2021 June Member of the Month: Jordia Benjamin, click the image of Jordia in the print room to view her full interview.

May, 2021

2021 May Member of the Month: Jacinta Johnson, click the image of Jacinta in the conservation lab to view her full interview.