Past Members of the Month

Past Members of the Month:

February, 2024

February Member of the Month: Lilah Anderson is the Director of the Anderson Gallery at Drake University.

January, 2024

January Member of the Month: Jessica L. Ambler, Ph.D., is the Director of the Martin Art Gallery at Muhlenberg College and she just joined the Communications Committee as a volunteer for AAMG

December, 2023

December Member of the Month: Charlotte R. Hendrix, Director of Communications and External Relations at The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University

November, 2023

November Member of the Month: Michelle Sunset, Curator at the University of Wyoming Art Museum

October, 2023

October Member of the Month: Devin E. Geraci, Associate Director of Operations at the University of New Mexico Art Museum

September, 2023

September Member of the Month: William Zhou, Doctor of Education Candidate at George Washington University

June, 2023

June Member of the Month: Adina Duke, Associate Director of Public Engagement, Spencer Museum of Art, The University of Kansas

May, 2023

May Member of the Month: Michael Shepherd, Assistant Director, Atwater Kent Collection, Drexel University

April, 2023

April Member of the Month: Dr. Rosa Otero, Director, Designer and Curator for the Chair Library at Salem College

March, 2023

March Member of the Month: Trey Crumpton, Ph.D., Manager of Visitor Experience and Adjunct Professor in Museum Studies at the Mayborn Museum at Baylor University.

February, 2023

February Member of the Month: William U. Eiland, Director of the Georgia Museum of Art at the University of Georgia

December, 2022

December Member of the Month: Christine Jee, Manager of School and Community Collaborations for the Addison Gallery of American Art at Phillips Academy

November, 2022

November Member of the Month: Joseph Richard III Renta, Ph.D., Administrator and Curator of the Museum and Archives at San Beda College Alabang, City of Muntinlupa, Philippines

October, 2022

October Member of the Month: Sadie Counts, Graduate Research Associate of Curation, Exhibitions, and Special Projects for the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Tennessee

September, 2022

September Member of the Month: Jocelyn Krueger, Collections Manager/Registrar, Museum of Art, Grinnell College

June, 2022

June Members of the Month, Molly Boeka Cannon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Executive Director of the Museum of Anthropology, Utah State University; and Jessica Kinsey, Executive Director of the Southern Utah Museum of Art at Southern Utah University

May, 2022

May Member of the Month, Dan Mills, Director of the Museum of Art and Lecturer in the Humanities at Bates College

April, 2022

April Member of the Month, Jodi McCoy, Director of Exhibitions, University Galleries at Missouri State University

March, 2022

March Member of the Month, Jen Knutson, Assistant Director, USA Archaeology Museum, University of South Alabama

February, 2022

February Member of the Month-Schroeder Cherry
February Member of the Month, Schroeder Cherry, Ed. D., Curator, James E. Lewis Museum of Art at Morgan State University

January, 2022

January Member of the Month, Shane Dundas, Museum and Library Outreach Specialist for the National Deaf Life Museum and Library at Gallaudet University

December, 2021

December Member of Month, Samantha Sauer, Curator, Paul Findley Congressional Office Museum, Archivist, Khalaf Al Habtoor Archives at Illinois College, Assistant Professor of History

November, 2021

November Member of the Month, Juliette Bianco, Anne and Ben Cone Memorial Endowed Director, Weatherspoon Art Museum at UNC Greensboro.

October, 2021

2021 October Member of the Month: David Odo, standing in a gallery space in the Harvard Art Museums at Harvard University where he is the Director of Academic and Public Programs, Division Head, and Research Curator
Photo Matthew Monteith
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September, 2021

2021 September Member of the Month: Phillip Brown, click the image of Phillip in in front of NEHMA above to view his full interview.

July, 2021

July member of the month, Tiffany Miller, examines an illuminated manuscript in a collections storage space.
2021 July Member of the Month: Tiffany Miller, click the image of TIffany in collections storage above to view her full interview.

June, 2021

2021 June Member of the Month: Jordia Benjamin, click the image of Jordia in the print room to view her full interview.

May, 2021

2021 May Member of the Month: Jacinta Johnson, click the image of Jacinta in the conservation lab to view her full interview.