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Between September 12 and December 23rd, the Chazen Museum of Art at University of Wisconsin–Madison, in collaboration with the UW–Madison Public History Project, presented “Sifting & Reckoning: UW–Madison’s History of Exclusion and Resistance.” For generations, UW–Madison students and staff have been committed to the “fearless sifting and winnowing by which alone the truth can be found,” a commitment to understanding the world and using that knowledge to improve the lives of people in Wisconsin and beyond. But the university has never stood separate from the nation’s currents of exclusion, or from its struggles for equality. 

With this exhibition, the university community has had an unprecedented opportunity to learn from its own histories of discrimination and resistance, to sift and reckon with its past. In this session, Chazen Chief Curator Katherine Alcauskas will discuss how the Chazen came to host “Sifting & Reckoning” along with feedback received, while Chazen Exhibition and Collection Project Manager Kate Wanberg will share how she and her team worked with very different types of objects and exhibition content than the Chazen typically does.

Information about and content from the exhibition can be found here: and at the exhibition website,

Session Format

Katherine Alcauskas and Kate Wanberg will present on the “Sifting & Reckoning: UW–Madison’s History of Exclusion and Resistance” for the first part of the session. Following that, Beth Zinsli will moderate a Q&A on the presentation and a larger conversation about how academic museums can grapple with their own histories of exclusion and support new forms of resistance.

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