AAM: Call for Accreditation Commission Nominations

Would you like to join the Accreditation Commission—the nine member body that makes all the accreditation decisions? September 10th is the deadline to nominate yourself to play this important role in advancing standards and recognizing excellence, while gaining an amazing professional development experience. The AAM Accreditation Commission Nominating Committee is searching for highly experienced museum professionals from a broad and diverse range of expertise areas, career roles, perspectives, and individual backgrounds who are committed to excellence, and are creative, holistic, and critical thinkers. The committee is also looking for individuals eager to be part of advancing current efforts to better codify how the Accreditation Commission addresses DEAI in its decision-making and application of the standards.  Get full details about the process, criteria, responsibilities, and more here.  Contact: Julie Hart, jhart@aam-us.org

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