AAMG-L Listserv Acceptable Usage Policy

Adopted by the AAMG Board of Directors
October 17, 2015

This document contains valuable information about using AAMG-L. Please retain it for future reference.

*Terms and conditions*
By subscribing to the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG) listserv (AAMG-L), users agree to the terms and conditions contained in these guidelines. These guidelines may be modified from time to time and such modifications shall be effective upon their posting to the AAMG-L Yahoo! website.

Users of this listserv agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, AAMG and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, and agents against all loss, claims, demands, causes of action, liabilities, expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees and costs arising from any claim arising out of or resulting from in whole or part any breach of these guidelines by the user or any omission or act taken by the user. In no event will AAMG be responsible to the users for any indirect, consequential, special or punitive damages or losses users may incur in connection with the AAMG listserv or any of the data or other materials transmitted through or residing on the listserv.

THIS IS A MODERATED LIST. AAMG may, but does not assume the obligation to, monitor discussions taking place through its listserv. AAMG reserves the right, but does not assume the obligation, to investigate any violation of these guidelines. AAMG may remove any user from the listserv for violation of these guidelines.


*General listserv information*
AAMG-L serves the academic museum/gallery community and was initially developed by Dr. Stefan Sommer for the Association of Academic Museums & Galleries (AAMG). Paid members of AAMG receive an invitation to join the list upon either joining or renewing membership. Non-members of AAMG are approved for membership on a case by case basis. Membership in AAMG is strongly encouraged as a condition of membership on the list. Please visit www.aamg-us.org for more information.

To post messages: Send your message to AAMG-L@yahoogroups.com

To reply to the entire list, use the reply function and your message will be sent to all list members. Do not send personal responses to the entire group.

To Subscribe via e-mail: AAMG-L-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
To Unsubscribe via e-mail: AAMG-L-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com
To contact the list owner: AAMG-L-owner@yahoogroups.com
To view on the web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AAMG-L/

You can manage your subscription on the Yahoo Groups website listed above. Visit the website, sign in, and look for the “Edit Membership” button. You have the option to receive messages as they are posted, once a day in daily digest form, or you can view messages in the archives on the AAMG-L website.

All messages sent to the list are distributed to all subscribers. The identifier “AAMG-L” appears in the subject line but please include a topic clearly identifying your email’s content in the subject line as well. This helps make it easier for all those subscribed to the list to search for topics in the message archives.

If you are responding to a particular item from the Daily Digest, please retype the email’s topic in your return subject line and replace the digest number.

*Netiquette for Listserv Users*

  • If your message is intended for an individual, please do not send it to the entire group.
  1. Only send messages of general interest to the group. To reply directly to the person who posts a message, manually type their address in the “to” line of your message, otherwise the message will go to all subscribers. If your message is more appropriate for the individual recipient than for the whole group, you are strongly encouraged not to forward it to AAMG-L.
  1. Individual users may not use the list for commercial solicitations. Current AAMG Corporate Members may post a maximum of four (4) interest-related messages per month to the listserv. Corporate Members who exceed this maximum will have their messages rejected by the listserv moderator until the calendar month resets.
  1. CHANGING AN EMAIL ADDRESS is not intuitive on the Yahoo groups site.

a) First edit your email preferences — add a new email address & remove old addresses at: http://groups.yahoo.com/myprefs

b) Then, go to my groups, edit my groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups

c) Edit my groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/mygroups?o=2&edit=1 and remove the old email address

  1. LIST ARCHIVES: You can view archives, shared files, or the list calendar at the AAMG-L main web page at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AAMG-L. To use any of the website features, you must remember your Yahoo ID and password to log onto the site. If you forget your Yahoo ID, as Moderators we can look that up for you, but we do not have access to your password.
  1. Use the clickable links on the left side of the page. Here you can upload and download files, web links, and images for other members to see. Uploaded files, links, and images are only available to list subscribers.

If you have any questions, please contact communications@aamg-us.org

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