Collections Manager/Registrar (SHRA) – Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Appalachian State University

Position Number: 081121

Salary Range: $45,000 – $55,000

Position Description

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TITLE: Collections Manager/Registrar

SUMMARY: The Collections Manager/Registrar is instrumental to the fulfillment of the Turchin Center’s mission by assuming responsibility for the development, management, intellectual integrity, and care of the center’s Permanent Collection. Responsibilities include overseeing the development, maintenance, preservation, research, cataloging, storage, insurance, rights and reproductions, and legal responsibilities associated with the center’s 2500+ works of art. The Collections Manager will play a leadership role in developing a comprehensive collections policy for the Turchin Center, to help guide decision-making regarding future acquisitions, decisions related to de-accessioning work in the collection as well as the on-going care and safety of the collection.  This position will play a leadership role in a current effort to re-organize the physical storage space which currently houses the collection.

Other specific responsibilities include coordinating donations and loans in conjunction with the Curator, conducting a thorough assessment and inventory of the entire collection in conjunction with the Curator, maintaining hard copy and electronic records, completing collections-related paperwork, and properly organizing and storing the collections.  Additional responsibilities include museum environmental control and monitoring, pest management, security, risk management, and maintenance of the TCVA’s collection disaster plan and facility reports.

A primary function of this position is managing the Intra-Campus Loan Program across multiple campus locations. This position is also responsible for coordinating donations and loans in conjunction with the Curator. The Registrar/Collections Manager is an important member of the center’s curatorial team and plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and preservation of artwork at the university by overseeing the center’s compliance with AAM best practices and other state and federal laws regarding the collection and incoming loans.  This position may require occasional travel.

SUPERVISION: Works under the guidance of and reports to the Curator. Works closely with the Lead Installer/Preparator.



  • Works with Curator, Lead Preparator and Director in developing a comprehensive collections policy for the Permanent Collection.
  • Manages the Intra-Campus Loan Program.
  • Oversees development, maintenance, security, and upgrades of the collection’s database.
  • Assigns accession numbers, compiles digital and paper accession records, classifies, and physically numbers the museum objects.
  • Performs data entry and filing of donor recognition letters, gift forms, donor cards, catalog records, and other object documentation.
  • Manages and assures accuracy, security, and intellectual integrity of collection records.
  • Conducts regular inventories of collections and performs reconciliation with object records. Works with Appalachian State University’s Office of Fixed Assets.
  • Conducts periodic assessment of the Annual Rosen Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition and other sculpture across campus.
  • Manages and orders supplies for, ensures adequate insurance for, and upgrades storage, maintenance, care, and preventive conservation of collections in conjunction with the Curator.
  • Evaluates current practices, stays current with professional standards, and develops new practices in collections management and care in order to develop multiple access systems, meet the needs of a diverse audience, make use of changing technology, address legal issues of collections, and plan for changing needs of staff and the public.
  • Works with the Curator regarding possible de-accessions and manages documentation and disposal according to collections policy.
  • Performs simple, appropriate cleaning of art objects and seeks advice from an outside professional Conservator for all other object conservation needs.
  • Researches, develops, and manages funding proposals for collections management and care.
  • Retrieves and prepares artworks and artwork information, conducts artwork-related research, and provides input to staff regarding collection elements for exhibits, programs, and other museum needs.
  • Provides limited access to collections in response to requests for loans, research, and artifact information.
  • Handles arrangements, condition reporting, packing, shipping, and insurance for both incoming and outgoing loans in conjunction with the Lead Preparator and Curator.

Environmental Control/Monitoring; Pest Management; Security; Risk Management:

  • Monitors environmental conditions in museum buildings, adjusts controls as necessary, and coordinates with climate control technicians on maintenance and upgrades of museum HVAC systems in conjunction with the Lead Preparator.
  • Is responsible for Integrated Pest Management system and coordinates with pest control services to maintain and upgrade pest control.
  • Coordinates collection risk management and emergency preparedness programs and coordinates with appropriate service technicians for maintenance and upgrades.
  • Evaluates current practices, stays current with professional standards, and suggests to Director, Curator, and Lead Preparator new practices in environmental control, pest management, security, and risk management, to preserve, safeguard, and eliminate hazards relating to collections environmental control/monitoring, pest management, and security.

Other Duties:

  • Develops annual acquisition reports
  • Oversees issues of intellectual property and rights and reproductions pertaining to collections.
  • Assists with installation and dismantling of museum exhibits.
  • Assists with special museum events.
  • Participates in weekly meetings of the TCVA staff, and in planning retreats/meetings, as scheduled.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Education and Experience: Four to six years of museum registration and/or collections management. Master’s degree preferred in Museum Studies, Arts Administration, Art History, Library Science, or other appropriate discipline; Excellent project and interpersonal skills; High level of written and oral communication skills; Accuracy and attention to details, Excellent time management skills; Ability to be flexible, communicative, and work collaboratively in a team environment; Excellent knowledge of preservation practices; Experience and knowledge of collections management software, specifically Proficio; Knowledge of copyright law, fair use, and licensing in regards to the visual arts and reproductive practices; Knowledge of museum standards and techniques for shipping art works; Thorough knowledge of best practices in basic preservation, insurance, object handling, and museum legal and ethical issues.

Knowledge and Skills: Working knowledge of general philosophy, principles, and practices of contemporary art museums; considerable knowledge of collections management, care, documentation, and classifications; considerable knowledge of computer database systems; considerable knowledge of collections preservation; working knowledge of environmental control, pest management, security, and risk management; working knowledge of intellectual property and rights and reproductions; working knowledge of principles and practices of office management.

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