Curator of Academic Engagement: University of Wyoming Art Museum

Under the supervision of the Curator of Education and Statewide Engagement the Curator of Academic Engagement facilitates use of the Art Museum’s collections for academic and teaching purposes. The Curator initiates, plans, and leads university class visits to the galleries and collection storage, and oversees various academic projects, such as faculty and student research collaborations and exhibitions. The Curator may supervise interns and teaching assistants in addition to scheduling and performing other associated research and administrative tasks.


  • Research upcoming courses and contact faculty about bringing relevant classes to the museum. Meet with them to discuss visit goals. Create lesson plans.
  • Research and prepare for classes as necessary. Design written/digital supplemental materials and activities.
  • Lecture to and/or supervise university classes that visit collection storage and galleries.
  • After being thoroughly trained in art handling, pull objects for class visits. Collaborate with collection manager regarding changes to object locations and object information.
  • Create and lead workshops for university faculty and graduate students on inquiry-based, object-based research and teaching techniques.
  • Supervise individuals visiting storage for research and assignments, such as faculty, visiting scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Teach courses according to specialty and advise students in Museum Studies minor as needed.


  • Coordinate Guthrie Gallery installations. Work closely with faculty and students using Teaching Gallery for classes or projects.
  • Oversee use of the Wyoming Gallery as a collaborative learning laboratory.
  • Oversee other faculty and class installations as needed.
  • Participate in curation of exhibitions related to the museum’s permanent collection.

Research and Creative Activities

  • Become well-informed and seek out information on initiatives across the university and interdisciplinary collaborations within academic departments and institutes including, but not limited to, the Science Initiative, Engineering, Health Sciences, Energy Resources, and Honors.
  • Initiate conversations and pursue collaborations that foster the use of the museum as a laboratory for learning.


  • Manage use and schedule of the Art Museum’s Resource Room.
  • Participate in the design and organization of programs related to exhibitions that will appeal and engage the University community
  • Assist in organizing and co-leading Faculty Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Oversee and mentor Student Board.

Professional Development

  • Attend and present innovative and unique programs and efforts at relevant conferences.

Desired Qualifications

  • PhD in Art History or related humanities field, ABD accepted
  • 2-3 years in museums, academic, or instructional settings including working with faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students
  • 1 year teaching at the college level including acting as a teaching assistant, museum teacher or interpreter, or instructor of record
  • 1 year museum or gallery experience working with and interpreting art or historical objects

Minimum Qualifications

  • MA in art history or related humanities field
  • 1 year experience in museum or university setting
  • 1 year experience working with and interpreting art or historical objects

The position requires a strong orientation toward collaborative and interdisciplinary work in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment, and the ability to work both autonomously and collectively as needed. Foreign language helpful.

  • Strong visual literacy and critical thinking skills.
  • Excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Highly developed organizational capabilities and ability to work autonomously and collectively in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent writing and research skills.
  • Deep commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and collaboration with a cross-disciplinary approach to original works of art.

The University of Wyoming invites diverse applicants to consider our employment opportunities.  We are also especially interested in candidates who have experience working with diverse populations and/or diverse initiatives.

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