Exhibitions by Ron Jude and Janet Biggs available free of charge from the Barry Lopez Foundation for Art & Environment

The Barry Lopez Foundation for Art & Environment organizes exhibitions by contemporary artists whose work is illuminated by their concern for the natural world. Circulated nationally to museums and public venues free of charge, Barry Lopez Foundation projects promote awareness about climate change and our relationship with the land in a time of environmental crisis.

RON JUDE: 12 Hz references the limits of human perception—12 Hz marks the lowest threshold of human hearing, suggesting the powerful yet often imperceptible forces that shape the physical world, from plate tectonics to glacial erosion to the incomprehensibility of geological time. Made in Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Iceland, Jude’s imposing, large-scale black-and-white photographs describe the raw materials of the planet and its systems—lava flows, sculptural formations of welded tuff, river and tidal currents, and glacial valleys—that are the foundation of organic life. Stripped bare of our presence, they allude to the immense scale and veiled mechanics of phenomena that operate indifferent to human enterprise in a time of ecological and political crisis.

Twenty framed photographs, approximately 42 x 56 inches, or reverse

Exhibition tour: Opening venue Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon, December 11, 2021 – March 13, 2022. Available to up to five additional venues from May 2022 through 2023.

Fees: Pro-rated shipping and insurance; no loan fee.

JANET BIGGS: IMAGINATION AND DESIRE IN A NORTHERN LANDSCAPE features two videos made by Biggs above the Arctic Circle—Warning Shot, 2016and Brightness All Around, 2011. Biggs’s work is a requiem for a heroic landscape, one that will be completely transformed within our lifetimes. The Arctic was once thought to be so vast an inhospitable that it was immune to human enterprise, but climate will leave its summers ice-free within thirty years. Perhaps no other landscape that has figured so firmly in our imagination will disappear with so few of us having seen it in person.

Two single-channel 16 x9 HD videos with sound, projection size variable

Exhibition tour: available to up to six venues in 2022 and 2023.

Fees: Pro-rated shipping and insurance; no loan fee.


Please see https://barrylopezfoundation.org/exhibitions/ or write us at exhibitions@barrylopezfoundation.org for further information.

Ron Jude, Calving Glacier Terminus, 2019, pigment print, 42 × 56 inches

Janet Biggs, Warning Shot (video still), 2016, single-channel HD video with sound, 16×9 format, running time: 2:08

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