EXIT / ALIVE: The Art of Anthony Dominguez


The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art is pleased to announce a new traveling exhibition entitled EXIT / ALIVE: The Art of Anthony Dominguez.

EXIT / ALIVE: The Art of Anthony Dominguez gathers a substantial body of art produced by Anthony Dominguez over 20 years leading up to his untimely death in 2014. Curated by Guest Curator Tom Patterson and conceived as a definitive overview, the exhibition brings together a representative sampling of works by this philosophically uncompromising, intentionally homeless artist, an idiosyncratic figure on the margins of society and the art world.

During his years on the streets Anthony Dominguez developed and refined a signature style of imagery dominated by interacting figures- people, animals, insects, birds, and the grinning, animated skeletons that are often principal players in his one-scene visual tragicomedies. The New York streets were an endless source of subject matter, too. His daily experiences roaming the city and observing the life around him served as a primary inspiration. Dominguez’s first pieces to draw public attention were small, circular, text-augmented images on black denim created by using stencils and bleach applied with hypodermic syringes. Dominguez’s visual narratives are sometimes accompanied by brief, cryptic texts – and, in his later works, passages of musical notation with original handwritten lyrics. Much of the work created by Dominguez over his lifetime emphasizes the inevitability of death, the constant presence of death in daily life, and the yin-yang relationship between the two.

EXIT/ALIVE will be the first solo museum exhibition of Dominguez’s work.

Take a peek…

…into Anthony Dominguez’s fascinating world with this short video documentary, The Life of an Outdoor Artist from VICE.

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EXIT/ALIVE: The Art of Anthony Dominguez will be on view at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art form January 20 – March 4, 2017. The exhibition will be available beginning April 2017 for eight-week tours for a $5,000 participation fee, plus one-way shipping. The fee includes educational materials and label/text panels in digital format.

–       Number of Works: Approximately 85 works including paintings on fabric and drawings on paper (Checklist is currently being finalized)
–       Dimensions: Varied
–       Space Requirement: 2,500 sq ft
–       Participation Fee: $5,000 for eight weeks
–       Shipping costs: Venue pays for incoming shipping
–       Insurance: To be carried by venue
–       Exhibition Signage: label and wall text information in digital format
–       Supporting material: A full color brochure produced by the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art with essay by curator Tom Patterson

To see more, please visit the traveling exhibition’s website:

If you would like to learn more, please contact:
Katie McCampbell
Manager of Traveling Exhibitions & Special Projects
Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art
161 Calhoun St., Charleston, SC 29401
843.953.5652 | www.halsey.cofc.edu