Manager of Community and Academic Engagement – Castellani Art Museum, Niagara University


With learning and public access at the heart of its mission, the Castellani Art Museum (CAM) seeks a Manager of Community and Academic Engagement to develop, implement, and oversee its programs. In keeping with Niagara University’s Vincentian mission, the CAM serves the diverse racial, ethnic, and religious communities of the Buffalo-Niagara region through the organization and presentation of exhibitions which honor and explore their artistic traditions and contemporary output. In addition to presenting diverse artistic expressions, the museum works in partnerships to explore and redefine the relationship between the museum and its constituencies.

Using the Castellani’s distinguished art collection and long-standing Folk Arts program, the Manager designs activities for audiences that range from local K-12 schools, families, young adults, and seniors, along with Niagara University faculty, students, and staff. CAM educational programs include tours, gallery talks, lectures, workshops, classes, virtual programs, and professional development opportunities for educators and professors. The Manager actively connects the art collection and Folk Arts program to the wider world, including history, art history, education, and current events. Key components of this work include working closely with Niagara University professors and staff to support student learning and leisure, as well as organizing engagement opportunities for families and adults.

Working closely with CAM staff, the Manager welcomes and collaborates with various public audiences through Museum visits, online programs, and sharing content in community spaces. The Manager assists with educational and interpretive materials associated with new exhibitions and major Museum activities; they also measure effectiveness through participant evaluation.


• Develop, implement, and oversee learning programs based on CAM’s collection and its unique Folk Arts program. Prepare relevant educational materials and activities. Oversee and ensure the smooth implementation of the CAM Kids n’ Arts Summer Camp, a multi-week camp onsite at the Museum.

• Consult with and deepen relationships with Niagara University professors and staff to incorporate CAM into NU student classes, activities, and events. Serve as the primary liaison between the CAM and NU faculty. Work closely with the NU Art History with Museum Studies program. Help to train and supervise interns.

• Consult with and deepen relationships with diverse community groups through public programming and partnerships, working closely with the CAM Folk Arts program. Consult with and deepen relationships with regional administrators and educators to strengthen and grow CAM’s school and teacher programs.

• Schedule, plan, and coordinate tours and programs with group leaders and CAM staff. Maintain group contact records and visit itineraries. Measure program and visitor effectiveness with evaluations.

• Recruit, train and oversee docents, volunteers, and teaching artists to lead tours and other educational programs

• Research and assist in fundraising and grants to support learning programs

• Perform other duties as assigned


1) Excellent communication skills, in both verbal and written communications. Consistent ability to participate and represent the Museum in internal and external meetings and through email communications. Ability to receive telephone calls, respond to inquiries, and communicate with others by telephone.

2) Basic mathematical skills including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Ability to use Microsoft Excel to manage basic budgets.

3) Project management skills – ability to divide complex projects up into smaller tasks and oversee their completion by oneself and/or others involved in project. Proficiency in Google Workplace and Microsoft Office Suites, to manage work flow. Ability to work within the CAM team, as well as independently.

4) Ability and interest in collaboration and partnerships with people from a wide variety of institutions and cultural backgrounds. Active interest in relationship development.

5) Knowledge of programming and educational methods and pedagogy. Familiarity with museum-style programming and with methods of interpretation and engagement.

6) Ability to drive a personal or university vehicle for the purpose of university business.


1)              Bachelor’s Degree required, suggested areas of study: Education, History, Art History.

2)              At least five years working in a museum setting or similar educational setting required.

3)              Previous experience in organizing and leading educational programming required. Event planning experience required.

4)              Masters Degree, certificate, or advanced study in Art History, Socially Engaged Art, Museum Studies, or Education preferred.

5)              Demonstrated interest and awareness of museum and community engagement strategies.

6)         A valid New York State driver’s license is required that satisfies both University and insurance company underwriting rules and regulations for driving a motor vehicle. Must also be able to operate a motor vehicle in Canada.

DATE:  12.08.2021

JOB TITLE:  Manager of Community and Academic Engagement

JOB CLASS: Professional

JOB STATUS: Full-time


WORK LOCATION: Castellani Art Museum

TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR: Director of Castellani Art Museum

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