Painting Enlightenment: Experiencing Wisdom and Compassion Through Art and Science





EXHIBITION This unique exhibition features the work of Japanese artist and scientist Iwasaki Tsuneo whose massive scrolls beautifully merge his understandings of biology and buddhism. The exhibition takes visitors on an interactive and contemplative journey offering opportunities for interdisciplinary and multi-generational engagement.

Iwasaki Tsuneo (1917–2002) used calligraphy and painting to meditate on interconnectedness of the universe. He collapses distinctions between image, text, and thought with imagery representative of both scientific phenomena and Buddhist principles.

Iwasaki’s work expands the practice of copying sacred texts, a form of devotion with a long history in Japan. In his creative sutra copying, Iwasaki uses traditional Chinese characters to copy the Heart Sutra text. Instead of separating the verses into vertical blocks, he reconfigures verses into images of DNA, lightning bolts, galaxies, atoms, and ants.


Make your mark and watch it disappear as you try your hand at calligraphy with Buddha Boards. Share a thought or read others’ ideas in a constantly changing word cloud. Set an intention to develop or “dissolve” and tie it in a knot to leave in the galleries.

PROGRAMMING: YOU/OTHERS/NATURE/COSMOS Mindfulness Meditation in galleries Yoga in galleries Buddhism 101 Talk Bonsai Workshop Sake Tasting + Stargazing with rooftop telescopes Panel Discussion with Evolutionary Biology, Astrophysicist, Quantum Physicist on Big Bang and Mandala of Evolution.

NUMBER OF WORKS: 24; Ranging from 12 x 12 in framed works to 17 x 8.5 feet scrolls
MINIMUM SIZE: 3,000 sq feet
BOOKING PERIOD: 8–12 week bookings
AVAILABILITY: Beginning Fall 2018
SHIPPING: LSU Museum of Art makes all arrangements, exhibitors pay pro-rated shipping
CONTACT: Courtney Taylor, LSU MOA Curator

Download the complete prospectus here.

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