Susan Libby

Professor of Art History, Department of Art and Art History, Rollins College

Susan Libby is Professor of Art History at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, Her scholarship addresses imagery related to French Caribbean colonialism in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. However, her teaching encompasses a wider range of topics in modern European and American art. One of her courses, “Whose Culture Is It?,” highlights the role of museums in the acquisition, retention, and/or return of contested cultural objects, thus raising questions about the obligations of Western collections to global concerns in an age of “decolonizing” the museum. As a former Studio Art major with a long-standing interest in the history of science, Dr. Libby has always been conscious of the materiality of art, so she was delighted when the opportunity arose to collaborate with student Isaac Gorres (’21) on a project researching challenges in the conservation of contemporary art.

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