Teresa K. Moreno

Head of Operations and Associate Conservator, Arizona State Museum, University of Arizona


Teresa Moreno is Associate Conservator and Head of Operations at the Arizona State Museum, and a member of the general faculty at the University of Arizona. She earned her M.A. in Conservation of Historic and Archaeological Objects from the University of Durham in England. Prior to embarking on a career in conservation, she completed a M.A. in Classical Archaeology and a B.A. in Anthropology and Classical Archaeology both at the University of Arizona. Teresa specializes in the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic objects and has experience working with a wide range of materials. Her research interests range from the art and archaeology of ancient Mediterranean civilizations to the archaeology and ethnology of the American Southwest and Mexico.  In her role as Head of Operations at the Arizona State Museum, Teresa regularly collaborates with museum curators and with University of Arizona Facilities Management personnel to manage the museum environment and ensure the security and preservation of the museum’s collections.

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