Panel: Diversity and Bravery in the Academic Museum

Academic museums and galleries have often been at the forefront of higher education initiatives to critically consider institutional bias and address underrepresented audiences. This panel’s presenters possess a background in expanding the accessibility and presentation of indigenous cultures, presenting undervalued artistic media like feminist and LGBTQ+ themed comic book art, opening interdisciplinary parternships between museums and curricula in a rural New Mexico state-funded regional university serving underrepresented student populations, and developing new ways for disabled museum-goers to interact with museum resources. Diversity comes in many forms and this panel’s facilitators will lead a wide-reaching conversation about the ways we may address the full range of definitions.

Moderator: Jordana Pomeroy, Director, Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum, Florida International University; AAMG At-Large, Diversity

Iris Bechtol, Gallery Director, Adjunct Professor of Art, Arts, Language, and Literature, Eastfield College

Dr. Cynthia Ann Bettison, Director, Western New Mexico University Museum, Silver City

Lynné Cravens, Gallery Manager, Texas Christian University

Vera Grant, Independent Curator, Arts Consultant, & Writer, Ann Arbor, MI

Cassandra Velcko, MA Candidate, University of Minnesota