Traditional Arts of the Bedouin

On tour via Mid-America Arts Alliance, with only two more spots left in booking. 75% discount for those that book the January-March block, and 50% discount for those who book the March-May block. 

For many, the word Bedouin stirs up vivid images of shifting sands, colorful flowing robes, and the long, loping strides of a camel. The way in which the Bedouins learned to adapt advantageously to an environment as inhospitable as the desert is a marvel of anthropological and artistic ingenuity. Drawn from the Nance Collection—the largest collection of its kind outside the Middle East—Traditional Arts of the Bedouin introduces visitors to a rich material culture from Saudi Arabia and nearby Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Syria, and Yemen.

The exhibition includes approximately fifty-three artworks and artifacts, from elaborately embroidered textiles and embellished metalwork to ceremonial coffee accouterments and incense burners; as well as several photographs depicting Bedouin craftspersons at work.

The essence of Bedouin culture is understood through its impermanence —with constant movement across the sands of both time and space. Visitors to the exhibition will learn how Bedouin arts and crafts frequently bridge the gap between aesthetic and utilitarian purposes, as well as recognize the unique tenacity of Bedouin traditions in an ever- changing political, social, and environmental landscape.

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