Traveling Exhibit: Curious by Nature: Works by Charley and Edie Harper

Curious by Nature examines the work of Charley and Edie Harper. Comprised of 76 prints and 5 original paintings from the Springfield Museum of Art’s permanent collection, the exhibition provides a comprehensive look into the quirky, whimsical world of the artists.

Charley Harper is world famous for his signature style of ‘minimal realism,’ capturing the spirit of his subjects with elegantly spare visual elements. His work is nature-based, and over his career he created pieces for many environmental organizations, including the National Park Service, Everglades National Park, and the Cincinnati Zoo as well as a groundbreaking series of illustrations for Ford Times. Charley’s work has become part of the public consciousness, having been widely reproduced on merchandise ranging from umbrellas to stationery.

Edie Harper worked in several mediums, including photography, sculpture, textiles, and jewelry. This exhibition includes examples of her prints, which also focus on natural subjects, particularly cats, as well as scenes from Biblical stories and childhood memories. Her work has been featured in several shows, including Minimal Realism at the Cincinnati Art Museum and Graphic Content at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center.


  • Number of Works: 81 works of arts, including prints and original paintings
  • Organized by: Springfield Museum of Art
  • Curator: Erin Shapiro
  • Requirements: Moderate security; 250-300 linear feet
  • Participation Fee: $7500 per booking period
  • (Reduced fees are available for smaller versions of the exhibition)
  • Shipping: Fowler Artistic makes all arrangements, exhibitors pay incoming shipping cost from previous venue
  • Booking period: 12 weeks
  • Tour: December 2019 – August 2022

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