Purdue University Galleries is currently preparing Global Matrix IV, our fourth international printmaking exhibition. Purdue Galleries will open the new show in January 2017 and plans are for the exhibit to travel to 2019. (If interest warrants, we may extend the run through 2019.)

We are happy to offer Global Matrix IV to the university gallery/museum community. The exhibit is designed to address the budget challenges currently facing mid-range exhibition venues by presenting a top quality contemporary exhibition in a professional and economical way.  Artworks in the exhibit will be matted and glazed to be installed with L-pins, and the rental fee is kept to a minimum to provide only for the cost of a printed catalogue to accompany the display.

In each Global Matrix project, we have noted the development of artists around the world who had participated earlier, as well as a large number of new images from printmakers we hadn’t yet seen. This is very much the same for this fourth show, with the influx of young artists and new processes and materials to the time-honored genre.

Attached is a promotional sheet to whet your appetite and give you a chance to ponder future dates. Selections for this exhibit have just been completed this week – representative images will be available soon.  (For your reference, previous catalogue(s) from the exhibit are available to download at

Please contact me to reserve a time slot for the exhibition at your earliest convenience. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  We look forward to sharing the images of Global Matrix IV with your audiences.

Craig Martin, Director
Purdue University Galleries
Yue-Kong Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts
552 West Wood Street
West Lafayette, IN  47907-2002
(765) 494-3061