Traveling Exhibition: States of Being: Cuba and North Korea by Carl DeKeyzer

This summer we are showing States of Being: Cuba and North Korea by Carl DeKeyzer. It features 60 large-scale photographs of North Korea and Cuba shown for the first time together. They are the result of De Keyzer’s extensive stay in each country, including more than 40 nights in North Korea, spent visiting and documenting each province in the country. DeKeyzer is a globally renowned photographer and member of Magnum Photos, an international photographic collective, and the recipient of 17 international awards. The photographs in this exhibition powerfully capture the struggles and the leisure of everyday Cubans and North Koreans in uncommon scenes. There are books for the Cuban and North Korean photographs, as well as a brochure with an essay by Barbara Rose.

The exhibition is available to travel this fall. There will be few costs for future venues. If you are interested, please contact me at

Jack Rasmussen

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