Under a Southern Star: Identity and Environment in Australian Photography

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Curatorial Exhibitions is thrilled to share a new exhibition that is available to travel: Under a Southern Star: Identity and Environment in Australian Photography.

As one of the most diverse, multicultural countries in the world today, Australian artists necessarily examine their past to anticipate their future. Navigating their post-colonial history with a desire to respect and reconcile Indigenous, Anglo-European, Asian and other cultures, these Australian artists explore questions of identity and belonging in the context of an increasingly ecologically fragile continent. These challenging circumstances have given rise to some of the most exciting and meaningful contemporary photography anywhere. 

Under a Southern Star navigates the cultural collision between the “Old World” of Europe and the so-called “New World” of Terra Australis, illustrating changing views of Australian identity, and confronting omissions. The exhibition combines iconic images from Australia’s photographic history with the work of contemporary Australian artists including Pat Brassington, Michael Cook, Leah King-Smith, Rosemary Laing, Ricky Maynard, Tracey Mofatt, Polexeni Papapetrou, Trent Parke, Vee Speers, Tobias Titz, James Tylor, Justine Varga, and Anne Zahalka. 
As a dialogue relevant not only to Australia but also to the United States, Canada and any country with a colonial history, Under A Southern Star asks all the right questions and allows us all to form our own answers. 

The participation fee is $15,000 for a two month booking and the exhibition is available now. Further details and a checklist can be viewed on the website here: https://curatorial.com/current-exhibitions/under-a-southern-star

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