We’re Open, Come In: The House Life Project

Curator:  Laura M. Holzman, PhD

Associate Professor of Art History and Museum Studies

Public Scholar of Curatorial Practices and Visual Art

Indiana University IUPUI

Contact: HolzmanL@iupui.edu


From 2015 through 2017, the House Life Project (HLP) reimagined abandoned houses on Indianapolis’s Near Eastside as hubs for artistic practice and community collaboration. It was a flexible and collaborative project where artists and neighbors formed new relationships, strengthened existing ones, and pooled their creativity in order to examine tough questions related to the changing neighborhood. We’re Open, Come In: The House Life Project transforms the gallery into an inclusive and welcoming space that invites visitors to learn about the HLP, its methods, and its community. Through an array of artworks and interactive installations, the exhibition sparks conversations about neighborliness, housing inequity, and the ways in which art can and can’t facilitate social justice.

Approximate size: 140 to 250 running feet; 980 to 2350 square feet.

Exhibition Includes:

More than 30 works, including sculpture, painting, photography, video, and installation.

Digital files with interpretive wall text and object labels (to be printed by host venue).

Interactive elements for audience engagement.

Exhibition Fee: N/A.

Shipping: To be arranged and paid for by host venue, potentially in conversation with other host sites.

Insurance: To be obtained by host venue.

Available on Request:

High resolution digital image files.

Gallery talk, panel discussion, workshops by curator and/or HLP artist(s) when funding from host venue permits.


August 2, 2018 – August 30, 2018: Gallery 924, Indianapolis, IN

March 7, 2019 – April 9, 2019: DePauw University, Greencastle, IN

Available to travel beginning October 2019.

Download the complete prospectus here: https://iu.app.box.com/v/HLP-exhibit-brief

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