2019 Roundtable Topics & Locations

Art, Activism and Community Engagement in University Galleries and Museums

Location: Graduate Hotel, Pathways Room (second floor)

This Roundtable welcomes conversation about the museum as a space for challenging exhibitions and artist interventions that inspire conversations with on- and off-campus communities. How can we spark civic engagement, nurture interdisciplinary practices, build inclusion and raise support?


  • Linda Corbin-Pardee, Senior Student Services Coordinator, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery
  • Molleen Theodore, Associate Curator of Programs, and Emily Arensman, Program Fellow, Yale University Art Gallery

Campus Connections: In the Galleries and Beyond

Location: Bruinicks Hall, Room 530A

Every staff member and space in a museum is a teaching opportunity. By widening our reach beyond typical departmental relationships and activities, we can foster new campus partnerships and increase the quantity and quality of student interactions. Share your experiences creating campus connections that encouraged student learning and engagement opportunities. Hear about the new and exciting ways that other attendees have utilized the academic atmosphere to further their missions.


  • Kate Wanberg, Associate Registrar and Preparator, Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gallery Pedagogies: Models of Curricular Exhibitions in University Museums

Location: Bruinicks Hall, Room 530B

This Roundtable will discuss strategies and models for exhibitions that are tethered to academic courses. Participants are encouraged to share case studies addressing how their project aligned with a course, outlining its overarching goals, acknowledging any challenges, and sharing final outcomes. All types of museums and course connections are welcome.


  • Berit Ness, Assistant Curator for Academic Initiatives, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago

Iteration and Display: Exploring Intersecting Audiences through Curatorial Experiments

Location: Graduate Hotel, Think 1 Breakout Room (second floor)

The hybrid gallery-classroom is a powerful incubator space for myriad interpretive strategies that connect academic and public audiences. This roundtable discussion explores how academic museums can effectively leverage study galleries to test new ideas. Facilitators:

  • Elizabeth Gallerani, Curator of Mellon Academic Programs, Williams College Museum of Art
  • Elizabeth Manekin, Head of University Programs and Academic Projects, Ackland Art Museum, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Positioning Cultural Heritage Collections for Success

Location: Graduate Hotel, Think 3 Breakout Room (second floor)

In our current moment of political tension, social turmoil, economic pressure, and disciplinary dynamism, how do we define “success” for cultural collections (anthropological, archaeological, historic, and other “people-centered modalities”)? How do we demonstrate success to key supporters and stakeholders? Share your experiences, challenges, and ideas for how we, as museum professionals, can strategically negotiate aspirations and institutional realities related to our cultural heritage collections to achieve success.


  • Christina J. Hodge, Academic Curator and Collections Manager, Stanford University Archaeology Collections

We Are Still In: Collaborative Opportunities Addressing Climate Change in Support of a Sustainable Future

Location: Graduate Hotel, Think 5 Breakout Room (second floor)

Climate change is perhaps the most urgent issue affecting our world, but with the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, new types of advocacy and collaboration are urgently needed now. We Are Still In is a national coalition committed to the goals of the Paris Agreement, which brings cultural institutions as well as business, tribes, healthcare, faith-based organizations, and many more together to address environmental sustainability. Let’s learn from one another about how our institutions are supporting this initiative through facility, program, and community practices and what more we can do.


  • Emily Johnsen, Gallery Manager, University Galleries and Co-Chair of the Sustainability Committee, William Paterson University; volunteer, AAM’s Environment and Climate Network, WASI Team Member