AAMG joins other associations in response to the turmoil in Egypt

New York, NY-February 2, 2011- Recent news reports about the turmoil in Egypt have varyingly suggested that some damage was done to works of ancient art in Egyptian museums-and that those who attempted to do harm were stopped. Just as we worry about the safety of Egypt’s citizens in this time of civil unrest, so, too, do we worry about the safety of the country’s cultural heritage– works of art and material culture crucial to our understanding of world civilization and humanity.

We, the representatives of the leading American museums and university art and art history departments, stand with all Egyptians in their determination to protect 5,000 years of history, including those objects from history that remain unexcavated. Our members-more than 21,000 institutions and individuals-stand ready to assist in any way possible to secure the art and artifacts of Egypt.

American Association of Museums, Ford Bell, President
Association of Art Museum Directors, Kaywin Feldman, President
Association of Art Museum Curators, John Ravenal, President
Association of Academic Museums and Galleries, David Alan Robertson, President
College Art Association, Barbara Nesin, President


Janet Landay / Christine Anagnos
Association of Art Museum Directors

Sascha Freudenheim / Elizabeth Chapman
Resnicow Schroeder Associates
212-671-5172 / 212-671-5159

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