Archive of Humane/Animal Rights Movement available for acquisition

AAMG is posting this information on behalf of Mr. Larry Miller. Please contact him directly if you are interested in learning more about this collection or if you’d like to discuss the possibility of acquisition.
The message from Mr. Miller is as follows:
…Having been an animal rights activist for the past 60 years, and having accumulated a great deal of related materials, I am hoping to locate a library or museum that has–or would like to establish–an archive on the Humane/Animal Rights Movement.

[The materials] cover a vast array of topics, including pet overpopulation, hunting, trapping, whaling, sealing, dogfighting, rodeos, bullfights, animal transportation, animals in agriculture, animals in entertainment, K9 law enforcement and military use, vivisection, vegetarianism, and many other areas.

Disciplines involved could range from sociology, psychology, criminology, advertising/direct mail/fundraising by charities, and a number of other specialties. I envision that perhaps two interns could be employed  for a year or two just putting things in such a fashion as to invite scholars or even laypersons to visit and perform research. In any event, I can’t emphasize strongly enough the first aim of PRESERVATION.

If you know of any entity or person who would be interested in such an undertaking, or could spread my message in any way, please let me know or promulgate this communication.

Thank you so much,
Larry L. Miller

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