Facilities Representative 3 – Palmer Museum of Art, Penn State

Job Description

The Palmer Museum of Art is seeking a Full-time Facilities Representative. This position will serve as the Facilities Representative for the new Palmer Museum of Art building, consisting of galleries, support spaces, Museum and Arboretum administrative spaces, education spaces, event spaces, and off-site art storage facility at CATO Park and the art storage space in the existing Palmer Museum building on Curtin Road. The position reports to the Director of the Palmer Museum of Art and serves as the primary point of contact responsible for facilities, security access control, and safety related issues. 

The successful candidate will serve as the primary contact for facilities maintenance projects, repairs and alterations, by initiating routine work orders; create new project requests; participate in project programming, ensuring that priorities are achieved and that project scope includes applicable museum specific technical requirements, safety, and sustainability considerations; make project scope recommendations; troubleshoot and resolve unforeseen conditions, and effectively communicate with project contacts and users.

The position will:

Investigate and coordinate responses for facilities problems, emergencies, special events, and other facility issues or operations.

Investigate, report, and troubleshoot building problems; coordinate utility interruptions for Palmer Museum, CATO Park Art Storage Facility, and Palmer building art storage area, and provide technical advice on allowable utility interruption durations to maintain proper environmental conditions for galleries and art storage.

Utilize information from various sources to create reports, and analyze data to make recommendations on space utilization, maintenance, and repairs.

Work with the Museum’s Registrar and/or Assistant Registrar to maintain environmental data collection equipment.

In coordination with the Museum’s Administrative Support Coordinator, approve payments to vendors, review OPP invoices and ensure correct budget is charged.

Communicate verbally and in writing, relevant project information to occupants and Palmer Museum administration. Coordinate office, gallery, furniture, and equipment moves. Maintain space inventory in Lion Space.

This position will serve as the Museum’s safety officer for the College of Arts and Architecture and will update building evacuation plans annually, and compile occupancy lists; initiate training and safety programs and protocols (chemical safety, hazardous communication, shop safety, ladder training); schedule and coordinate building evacuation drills annually.

This position will work with the Museum’s Chief Preparator to develop/update Standard Operating Procedures for the proper use of equipment, material, handling and processes in accordance with University protocols and OSHA standards and regulations, and ensure participation in shop safety and other Environmental Health and Safety programs as required. Report all safety concerns and issues to the College of Arts and Architecture Safety Officer, Environmental Health and Safety, the Office of Physical Plant, and the Museum Director. Participate in the College of Arts and Architecture Safety Council.

The position will provide support to the Events and Facility Rental Manager for the Palmer Museum and the Arboretum. Coordinate with Palmer administration and contracted security team to ensure proper security personnel are scheduled for all events. Train events manager and support personnel on proper use of audio-visual equipment in the events space. Assist with coordinating OPP services for special events and be on call for event support if needed.

This position will be on call 24/7 to direct and coordinate emergency maintenance repairs.  

The College of Arts and Architecture is working to establish a culture of anti-racism and anti-oppression that embraces individual identities, fosters a culture of inclusion, and promotes equity through curricula, values, standards, ideals, policies, and practices. The ideal candidate will provide evidence of their experience with, and interest in, contributing to these goals.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent combination of education and 3 to 5 years of professional experience in facility management, building maintenance, engineering, architecture, or the arts. The successful candidate must have strong communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills, and have a demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. This position requires knowledge of facility systems and architectural details.

Evidence of equitable considerations, awareness, and practice regarding inclusive practices in educating or working with diverse student bodies and working with a diverse faculty, staff, or work population to cultivate a culture that supports success and enables all members of a community to thrive.

Please submit a resume and cover letter. Address in your cover letter how equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging relate to your professional experience https://www.myworkday.com/psu/d/inst/15$165509/5303$32343.htmld.

For more information on the Palmer Museum of Art please visit our website https://palmermuseum.psu.edu/

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