HEAD OF EXHIBITS – Utah State University Eastern (USUE)

Utah State University Eastern (USUE) is seeking an individual to serve as the Head of Exhibits (Associate Curator). This is a non-tenured, non-faculty, staff position.

The Prehistory Museum (PM), found in 1961, is a paleontological and archaeological museum associated with Utah State University Eastern located in Price, Utah. The museum is AAM accredited, is both a federal and state repository, and has an inventory of over one-million objects. The mission of the PM is to promote understanding and appreciation of natural and cultural processes that formed the geologic, fossil, and prehistoric human records found in Eastern Utah; its vision is to share eastern Utah’s unique prehistory with the global community.

Basic responsibility of the Head of Exhibits is to design and fabricate exhibits for new permanent or temporary exhibits or improvements to existing exhibitions. Collaborate with the museum staff in development of content and writing script. Basic knowledge of Adobe Suites is important to produce graphics and text labels. Preference will be given to those with previous experience in natural history exhibitry.

For more details and application, see the Utah State University Human Resources website: https://hr.usu.edu/jobs. Click “Join Us” and look for Head of Exhibits (Associate Curator).

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