Perry Whidden

Principal at Gluckman Tang Architects

Perry Whidden, AIA, is a principal at Gluckman Tang Architects, a design firm with a focus on museums, galleries and higher education. In this role, he has managed some of the firms most complex projects including the construction of Dineen Hall, home of Syracuse University Law School, the Perelman Building at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the renovation of the UPenn Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology. Every construction project has risk. And for institutions, that risk is multiplied because of the number of stakeholders involved. From the board to the museum leadership and curatorial staff; from museum visitors and students to the community-at-large, there are concerns that need to be addressed every step of the way. From his experience managing a wide range of construction projects, Perry understands that there are two important factors that must be present for every successful project: a strong client vision and the desire for the client, design team and stakeholders to collaborate. As a co-moderator, Perrys strengths include: The perspective of having been an integral part of the planning, design and construction team on several projects from new construction to renovation to adaptive reuse for different institutional clients. Understanding of how a private-sector professional services firm works successfully with institutional clients. Breadth of experience on projects that includes art, exhibition and education spaces. Assuming the other co-moderator(s) is from within an institution and has experience in the planning/design/construction of a museum or gallery, including Perry as co-moderator will help to provide a more well-rounded understanding of and approach to managing the risks involved with undertaking building projects. The inside/outside perspective will enrich the workshop participants experience.

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