The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation: Traveling Exhibitions

The Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Foundation organizes and circulates traveling exhibitions of Auguste Rodin’s transformational sculpture.   We are pleased to announce two new exhibitions available in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The first is a small (20 bronzes) retrospective called RODIN:  TRUTH, FORM, LIFE.  These pieces tell the story of the importance to modern art of Rodin’s sculpture.  They encapsulate all of the artist’s innovations that broke with centuries of tradition and created paths for much of the sculpture we see being made today.  A small show, it is very powerful.

The second show is larger and, while it does everything the first show does, it does even more.  Titled MUSES, SIRENS, AND LOVERS:  RODIN AND WOMEN, it includes about 45 bronzes of Rodin’s women:  as models; as objects of love, dalliance and appetite; as collectors of his work; and of course as the subject of his artistic fascination.

We estimate TRUTH, FORM, LIFE will require perhaps 1500 square feet, and that MUSES, SIRENS, AND LOVERS will require about 4500 square feet.  All works must be exhibited indoors with appropriate climate control and security.

Each show comes with scripts for text panels and chat labels, recommendations for programs, and images of each piece for publicity purposes.  MUSES, SIRENS, AND LOVERS and TRUTH, FORM, LIFE will each have small brochures.  Both shows will be enhanced by large canvas panels printed with historic photographs of Rodin in his studio and other images important to understanding Rodin’s work in context.  These canvas panels are not stretched; they can be hung from rods (included with the show) to enliven the walls behind the sculpture.

Borrowing institutions are responsible for outgoing shipping to the next venue, insurance while the artworks are on their premises and while being shipped to the next venue, production of text panels and chat labels, the installation, and all exhibition furniture, as well as marketing.

The fee for TRUTH, FORM, LIFE is $10,000. The fee for MUSES, SIRENS, AND LOVERS is $20,000.

Availability of both shows, for approximate three-month periods, begins in February 2018.

Checklists are available for both shows.  Please contact Judith Sobol at for these lists and with questions.