Coordinator of Marketing and Communications – Oklahoma State University Museum of Art

Position Number: 633775


Lead the marketing and public relations efforts of the Museum/Gallery in a way that prioritizes creativity, community participation, and continual analysis/iteration of activities. This job is one part ongoing marketing tasks, one part multi-media storytelling, and one part community engagement. The position reports to the OSU Museum of Art Director.


Marketing Duties:

  • Act as primary liaison to the OSU and OSUF Marketing Departments.
  • Key member of the OSUMA strategic planning team and help to determine long-term marketing strategies for the Museum/Gallery.
  • Coordinate and execute all marketing activities for Museum/Gallery exhibitions and programs, to include: the design, production and promotion of catalogues, brochures, publications, advertisements, e-newsletters, press releases, articles, event signage, website calendar updates, and updating social media outlets.
  • Work with staff members, interns, and volunteers to support their participation in social media activities and creation of promotional material.
  • Work closely with Museum staff in regards to purchase, design, and placement of all advertising. Also perform research to help place ads most effectively.
  • Work with Curatorial staff to manage the production and promotion of the Museum’s catalogues and small publications.
  • Work closely with Museum staff and OSUF on annual benefit and ‘friends’ events and promotion thereof.
  • Manage production of the Museum’s annual report and artist-in-residence reports.

Public Relations Duties:

  • Write, edit, and distribute publicity to the media, including, but not limited to, news releases, articles, public service announcements, and calendar entries. Respond to media inquiries and set up interviews.
  • Connect with local businesses about potential partnerships around events and exhibitions. (Downtown Stillwater Cultural District, Visitor’s Bureau, Chamber of Commerce)
  • Continually work to build relationships with media outlets, both traditional and informal, in Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and beyond to share our stories most effectively.

Coordinator of Marketing and Communications

  • Actively and enthusiastically represent the OSUMA in the community.

Community Engagement Duties:

  • Continually research and apply new forms of community engagement to invite active participation with the OSUMA mission beyond our walls.
  • Develop and execute programs to increase businesses’ and individuals’ involvement with the OSUMA and its mission.
  • Develop, implement, and track creative strategies to encourage deeper participation in OSUMA programming by new and existing visitors and members.
  • Work closely with Exhibition and Programming staff to develop creative ideas for partnerships that can expand OSUMA reach and support our partners in the community.
  • Work with Exhibition and Programming staff on evaluation strategies to assess both the reach of marketing efforts and the impact of OSUMA programming.

Administrative Duties:

  • Archive all publications, contact information, and other pertinent materials appropriately.
  • Organize all photography and documentation of media for future reference to support record keeping, grant applications, and other planning documents.
  • Participate on Exhibition planning team to develop materials, press releases, and editorial contributions at the beginning of the planning process.


Skills, Proficiencies, and Knowledge:

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and the ability to organize materials, write, edit, visualize concepts, communicate and interpret goals, including demonstrated proficiency in the use of AP style and adaptive writing.
  • Personable and diplomatic in working with diverse constituencies and capable of inspiring participation from partners, media outlets, and community members. Fearless in reaching out to media.
  • Enthusiastic about team work. Ability to work well with staff, interns, and volunteers to promote the philosophy and goals of the Museum.
  • Must learn quickly and adapt to quickly changing environment. Self-driven, able to multi-task, creative, and superb on follow-through.
  • An analytic approach to work, constantly thinking in terms of iteration, testing, measurement, and redirection.

Coordinator of Marketing and Communications

  • Loves working with a variety of social media tools and creative approaches to community engagement both online and out in the world.
  • Comfortable working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, website layout, and video editing tools.

Preferred Skills:

  • Knowledge of art, a degree or minor in Art History a plus.
  • Experience in graphic design (Adobe Creative Suites package preferred

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