Exhibition Citizen Animalia

Organizer The Department of Exhibitions, Performance and Student Spaces (DEPS) at Columbia College Chicago

Exhibition Description  In 1735 Swedish scientist Carolus Linnaeus invented a system of biological classification known as Taxonomy. Within it exists Kingdom Animalia, comprised of ten million species, everything on planet Earth that either swims, walks or flies including elephants, mosquitos, goldfish, snakes, cows, pigs and us, humans. Simultaneously with a sense of humor, hope and despair the artwork of Citizen Animalia call us to re-examine the complex relationship between us humans and our fellow members of Kingdom Animalia.

Our world is filled with fascinating creatures that experience life in ways we can’t understand. We must treat them with respect. Citizen Animalia amplifies voices we typically don’t listen to and asks viewers to re-examine how our daily actions effect all life, not just human life.

Participating artists: Rene Arceo, Brandon, Ballengée, Mizraim Cárdenas, Sue Coe, Whit Deschner/The Great Salt Lick, Mark Dion, Nicholas Galanin, Roie Galitz, Laurel Roth Hope, Jenny Kenndler and Brian Kirkbride

Norman Long, Ricardo Linares, Raúl López-Reyes, Jo-Anne MacArthur, Peggy MacNamara and Dolores Mercado

Curated by Mark Porter

Installation view of intro panel and resource section, photo credit Jonathan Castillo

Installation details: Citizen Animalia features several sculptural objects, lithographs, photographs, a video installation, audio installation and interactive installation. Additionally, the exhibit features a campaign poster section, and resource section featuring art books, educational brochures and advertising pamphlets from conservation/animal rights organizations. 2,100 sq feet space required.

Number and type of objects:

1 video by Sonia Levy

2 sculptures by Laurel Roth Hope (a substitution may be necessary)

1 Audio installation by Norman W. Long

9 photographs by Roie Galitz

14 photographs and 1 video by  Jo-Anne McArthur

7 watercolor paintings by Peggy MacNamara

2 sculptures by Whit Deschner

7 lithographs by Sue Coe

3 works by Mark Dion

1 work by Mark Dion in collaboration with Alexis Rockman

1 sculpture by Nicholas Galanin

2 works by Rene Arceo

1 work by Rene Arceo and collaborator Mizraim Cárdenas

1 work by Rene Arceo and collaborator Dolores Mercado

1 collaborative work by Jenny Kendler and Brian Kirkbride

1 paper mache sculpture by Ricardo Linares (depending on availability, a similar substitution may be necessary)

1 paper mache sculpture by Raúl López-Reyes (depending on availability, a similar substitution may be necessary)

(Works by Laurel Roth Hope are not available for travel, an alternate artist may be added at the discretion of the artist, a similar substitution may be added)

The curator reserves the right to make substitutions based on availability of work. Any necessary substitutions will be selected with similar shipping and installation requirements.

Expenses: Participation fees $6000 plus shipping, if additional venues are booked, participants will be responsible for shipping costs to next venue only.

If requested, In-person installation assistance with the curator $2,500 plus travel expense.

Artist talks may be arranged with some assistance from curator, expenses for artist fees, travel and lodging are the responsibility of the venue.

Insurance and installation to be covered by venue.

Exhibit signage will be provided in digital format, this includes title cards and introductory signage and campaign poster files. Venue will be responsible for printing.

Venue is responsible for providing pedestals, vitrines, audio and video equipment.

Copies of A 30 page full-color catalog with essay by the curator, artist Sue Coe and conservation biologist Michelle Rafacz can be purchased at a minimal cost.

Availability: Citizen Animalia is available for immediate booking for a minimum of 4 weeks.

Interested venues may contact the curator, Mark Porter at mporter@colum.edu

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