Shikoh Shiraiwa

Doctoral Candidate, History and Cultural Heritage, University of Helsinki, Hesinki, Finland, University of Helsinki, Hesinki, Finland

Currently, I am in the doctoral program of History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Helsinki, Finland. My research project is “Ideology of Heritage, Museum, Cultural Politics, and Construction of National Identity in Finland and Japan.” Before moving to Finland, I lived in Oklahoma, USA, worked at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO). Between 2016-19, I worked at the UCO Max Chambers Library as a Library Technician III, then Library Specialist. From 2013-16, I worked at the UCO Melton Gallery as a Service Representative under the College of Fine Arts and Design. For both positions, I multi-tasked as a collection manager, researcher, curator, registrar, educational program developer, student internship supervisor, exhibition preparator, event coordinator, donor-relation assistant, and grant writer. I am an active member of the University Museums and Collections committee under the International Council of Museums, serving as a member of the UMAC Futures.

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